Monday, June 23, 2008

Breaking Away From "Wal Mart"

I had a pretty disastrous trip to Wal Mart a couple weeks ago.

Where we used to live, our Wal Mart was great. Not too busy, everything in stock, and tidy. Now that we live in a new city, I get to experience a new Wal Mart. With a new store comes a hoard of bad experiences. Imagine a super Wal Mart twice as big as what you are used to, and it has to service thousands of people in a large metro area, including two LARGE military bases. So you can imagine that it is very messy sometimes, and every time you go, something will be out of stock.

I live 20 minutes away with good traffic, on a bad day it could take me up to a half hour to get home, so I can't run to Wal Mart for every little thing like I used to be able to do. The last time I was there, the two most important things I needed were out of stock and they didn't know when they would have them again. Cat food and Cat litter. If you have a pet, you know you can't just switch things up on them because something is out of stock. So what was I to do? I had to go to Pet Smart and get some there.

I am so flippin' tired of that crap. So we decided to break away from Wal Mart. It has been a little difficult, but not too bad. I actually buy all of my non-grocery items at Target now, which I prefer to Wal Mart anyway. I go to a different grocery store, and just yesterday went to The Grocery Outlet (they didnt have everything I needed, but I can get all the canned stuff we need, bread, some dairy, dry goods, most beef and chicken, and snacks). The Grocery outlet is right by Wal Mart, but I don't mind driving there because they are CHEAP, cheaper than Wal Mart! And I have two Safeway's within 5 minutes of my house, so I shop there for stuff that I need in between large grocery trips, or items I can not find at The Grocery Outlet (such as certain brands I refuse to stray from, like Jif PB, or some of the meat and dairy I can't find elsewhere).

And on the weekend I did even more. I shopped at the Farmers Market for produce. Yeah, it is a bit more expensive than some grocery stores. I spent $10 on apples, $10on cherries, and $13 on pears, and $5 on some awesome, kick-ass, fresh salsa. I don't normally buy cherries, because they are so expensive and just a treat for us. The farmers market prices are comparable to Safeway "not on sale".

Yeah, I do a bit more shopping, but I prefer it this way.

I hate Wal Mart. Not saying I won't ever shop there again, I do like their cheap prices on certain items. I might buy toys there for X-mas, or maybe not. Probably not. I'd like to say I won't ever shop there again unless I am desperate and have no other option. And it is better to support the small businesses at the farmers market anyway.


Rina the Mama Bear said...

I've been finding myself getting more and more frustrated with our Walmart too - same problems like out of stock, untidy shelves, etc.

The last shopping trip I bought everything, groceries and non groceries at Superstore - it takes some getting used to but it's better than making a trip to Walmart and failing to find what we need.

KrustyTheCat said...

I know, it was so tiring to go there and find something that I needed out of stock, and this happened all the time. I won't set foot in there unless I absolutely need to.