Monday, June 09, 2008

I shopped for ME today!

I figured it was time to buy myself some items. I've focused on the kids' clothes for so long that I never buy myself anything. So today I headed out and got a few nice things, and also got something "pretty" for when my hubby comes home. hehe.

I need to focus on myself more than the kids sometimes I think, but I think that happens to all women. Being a mother sometimes encompasses your whole life that you can forget who YOU are, and what your needs are.

Is anyone else guilty of this? Instead of buying your kid a cute outfit, why not spend it on yourself!


jskell911 said...

Funny you should mention this. About a month ago DH insisted I buy some clothes for myself. He mentioned that I have "a closetful of nothing to wear" LOL. So, I got 2 new full outfits!

Miss Mommy said...

I actually went to Macy's today and did just that...I did by Little Miss a few things...but I actually got two summer outfits for myslef as well. It feels good to spoil yourself sometimes, right!!

KrustyTheCat said...

I wore one of my new shirts today, and i felt great! It was so nice to wear something new and pretty. Loved it! I need to do this more often ;o)