Sunday, June 08, 2008

Sunner Clothing

Have you heard of the clothing line "Sunner"? Susan Denner Lee is an up and coming designer who hails from Australia. She has worked for famous designers such as Donna Karan and Helmut Lang.

Having a passion for designing beautiful pieces of clothing, she decided to design her own clothing line, which she aptly named "Sunner". The pieces are chic, "flowy" and easy to wear. Not to mention cute! They look perfect for easy summer wear.

Her clothing can be found online at many stores, including If you shop at BlueGenes, be sure to use
"BLUE15" at checkout to recieve 15% off.

Look at this cute top, it is one of my favorites:

I would love to buy that, and that is a lot coming from me, because I am not really into mainstream designers.

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