Sunday, June 22, 2008

Great Deals On DC Skate Shoes

I'm sure you have all heard of the DC Shoe company. They make some really cool, affordable skate shoes. You can find them in Men's, Women's and Kids sizes.

If you are looking to buy some, head over to Buy Skate Shoes, which is a great website to shop with if you are looking for some cool shoes like DC Skate Shoes. Right now they are offering free FedEx ground shipping if you spend over $79.00. The longest it will take to get your order is 7 days, and that is only if you live in Hawaii. That seems pretty fast to me, as I have had to wait a long time with certain other companies. And who can turn down free shipping?

Their website offers more than shoes though; they have clothes, accessories, and skateboards as well. They are also a secure, verified website, and offer "life help" on business days.

Head on over if you want to score a "sick" deal on some back to school shoes!

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