Saturday, November 15, 2008

What Is On Your Christmas List?

I am hard to buy for, I admit it! My hubby always has a hard time buying for me. Last year he did really well, and I lucked out with a couple DVDs I wanted. I can't remember what else I asked for, but I did receive a really pretty locket, and a bottle of perfume. I love to give gifts, I love shopping for other people, but not myself, so I don't really know what to ask for.

This year I can't think of but a couple items I'd like to receive. First is the new Futurama DVD, "Bender's Game". Futurama is a favorite of ours.

The one thing I am really really in "need" of, is a new bedding set. I really like the one I have, but it is so plain. I let my husband talk me into getting this a few years back, and no offense honey, but it's boring as hell! I need change!!!
I've got my eye on a couple sets like this:

Isn't it gorgeous? I adore it. I LOVE the set. I'm lusting over it. I'd also like some new sheets. I asked for them last year from my in-laws, and I got a great set, but I want some new ones. Something that matches this set. If I can't get that, I wouldn't mind a duvet cover instead of a new comforter, but something similar to this one at least.

So far, that is all I have on my list. I love purses, I have tons, and always like more, but I prefer to buy those on my own.

So, what do YOU have on your list?


Mama Bear said...

Ooooh *drool* I LURVE that sheet set!!! I have sheets on my list this year too.

KrustyTheCat said...

I am not getting it anymore unfortunately. I found out that it is screen printed on the fabric, so it is really cheap quality. I was so disappointed. Oh well, I'm on the hunt for something else similar to that, but better quality.