Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Black Friday Is Three Weeks Away!

For those of you who don't know what Black Friday is, it is the day after Thanksgiving, here in the good old USA. Basically, it is to us Americans, what Boxing Day is to Canadians. But we have better deals! lol Usually on Thanksgiving day, after all the turkey and potatoes have been eaten, and everyone is bloated from too much food, the black friday ads come out of the newspaper, and everyone crowds around to plan their shopping for the next day.

I am a Black Friday junkie! I always buy a ton of gifts for the kids for Christmas, if I am not done with my shopping already by then. This year I'm a little behind, so I plan on doing the bulk of my shopping on Black Friday. I've always been able to find good deals. One year my husband went out really early, and came home with our current TV and sound system, and paid maybe $500 for all of it. Last year I found some amazing WalMart specials for kids' gifts. I was able to get Hot Wheels cars 10 pack for $5, Moon Sand kits (BIG ones) for $10, as well as Easy Bake Ovens for $10 or $20. I was quite pleased with myself, and got gifts that everyone loved. I hope I can find some good ones like that this year. I'll also check out Target and Toys R Us for all their fantastic deals on toys. And since I am also going to be looking for a nice digital camera for my husband, I'll be checking out all the stores that sell electronics too, especially Amazon.

This year it looks like I won't have anyone around to watch the kids since my husband will be gone, so I have actually planned to do the bulk of my shopping online. I found a great site for black friday 2008 deals that is going to make my shopping even easier! BlackFridayOnline will email you every time a new store ad has been posted, so you can plan your shopping weeks ahead of time and be prepared. Once the ads are posted as well, each item listed will have direct links to the store website so you can purchase it right away!

What a great and easy way to organize all your Black Friday shopping!

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