Sunday, November 16, 2008

I Despise Shopping For Myself and Becoming A Better Me

I really really need some long sleeved shirts, and I have none that are in suitable enough condition to wear out of the house. I wear things till they fall apart usually. And I hate shopping for myself! My husband today forced me, really, to purchase myself some clothes. I went shopping at Old Navy online. They are really the only place I buy a lot of my clothes anymore, I've always liked them.

Since I got my Gap Give&Get 30% off discount in my email today, I was able to walk away with a few shirts, one layering tank, and a gorgeous brown cable knit sweater for only $73.98 shipped. I hated spending that money. But my husband brought to light that I would have no problem whatsoever spending that money on Gymboree clothes for the kids, so I need to buy myself something. It is almost December, it is about time I had some long sleeves, right?

Why do I hate shopping for myself? Is it because I see it as a waste of money? Or do I not like shopping b/c I am uncomfortable with myself knowing I have weight to lose? Probably all of those. Funny thing is, I have no problem buying myself any makeup, whether it be from Clinique or Avon. But I balk at clothes, and only purchase when I absolutely have to. And I'm going to have to get a new bra soon too, because my favorite one broke today! The wire snapped, and I am NOT happy about that. Bummer, eh?

He is right though, I could easily drop that $74 that I spent today on the girls and our son. I have the classic "mommy puts the kids before herself" syndrome. At times this is good, but in cases like this, it is bad. When my 3 daughters have so many clothes we run out of hangers, then perhaps it is time that mommy fills her closet, right?

So hopefully I can overcome the horror that I actually spent money on myself and dented the checkbook for something I needed, and enjoy my clothes for myself. I should get them next week, and no, I am not modeling!

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Mama Bear said...

I hear you. For some reason, it's not a problem to buy things that either Papa Bear or Baby Bear need, but if it's for me...well, it's not a necessity. Even if I've already repaired that busted bra five billion times. LOL

You shouldn't feel bad and I think you should model the new clothes! :) I wanna see this sweater!