Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Started My Christmas Shopping

And I am about half way done already!

Yesterday when I was out, I thought I would go to KMart to check out their layaway. Well, I won't ever shop there again. I dislike that store immensely, and they had no good toy selection, to put it mildly. But today I thought I'd stop by Marshall's (like TJ Maxx and Winners) and see what they had, and was pleasantly surprised to find they also had layaway!!

I'm all done shopping for my two youngest daughters, save for their stocking stuff, pjs, a book and an outfit. I found my middle daughter's last three gifts at Marshall's today, and was very happy because one of them was a Littlest Pet Shop Round and Round Pet Town, this one:

Amazon charges just over $50 for it, and I got it for $29.99!!! I also found her some other LPS toys. One of my other favorites I found for my youngest daughter, and it was a kid size enamel picnic set in a little wicker basket! I had my heart set on getting her a tea party set, but I figured this was just as good, if not better, because it was more durable. And oh so cute! I found a few things for myself, and also did half of my mom and sister's shopping. The other two kids each got a gift too, but one is a stocking stuffer for my oldest daughter, and the other is a toy we'll give to the boy on his birthday in February.

It feels good to get a lot of my shopping done. I've got a nice stash at home, and a buggy full from Marshall's that I'll get in a month. I still have a lot to get yet, mostly books and pjs, a couple toys for my oldest two, and the oldest two need their "big" gifts yet.

Does anyone have any good ideas for gifts for an almost 8 year old girl who isn't into electronics or most toys? She reads all the time, so we're thinking of getting her the boxed set of Little House on The Prairie books for her "big" gift (hey, it costs almost $50!!!).

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