Saturday, November 22, 2008

A "GOOD" Tea Party Set?

I've been wanting to buy our 2.5 year old a tea party set, and had picked out a cheapie one from Wal Mart that was only $5. It was cute, pink, plastic and best of all, cheap. But made in China.

Now I know it is nearly impossible to find anything that is not made in China, I bet about 99% of our kids' toys are made there. My husband freaked out a little bit b/c of all the scares lately with products from there, so he asked me to find one NOT made in China. And it was hard! There are almost no tea party sets that are made in the USA.

But I did find a few...

And the price is only $23.90. A far cry from $5, but at least we can have our minds at ease and not worry she will put something toxic in her mouth, right? Best of all, it is made from 100% recycled milk jugs

I also found these other two sets. Though I did consider them, the wooden one was too small for our needs, and the more colorful one was too expensive. Besides, with the colorful one, we don't need 50 pieces! (yes, it had that much, and cost $39.99)

Today while I was at Toys R Us with three of my kids (one was at a birthday party), I found the first tea set. It cost $1 more ($24.95), but I went ahead and bought it. I'm all done shopping for her now, save one stocking stuffer. Yaay!!

You really should try to check out alternatives to certain toys you are buying. A tea set gets a lot of use, especially in our house, and I feel better knowing I have taken what precautions I can for my kids' safety and health.

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Mama Bear said...

I love the bamboo/wood one! Not very many pieces, though is it.