Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Works For Me Wednesday

I have a membership at the YMCA, and have been doing the same old cardio routine for months. I haven't lost much weight, and it has gotten a bit boring to be honest. Elliptical, recumbent bike, treadmill, weights etc. Over and Over again. So my husband encouraged me to try something new to challenge myself (insert ominous music here)...


Are you cringing with me?

Well, I've actually gone a few times and I actually like it! Before I got sick a couple weeks ago, I had only gone a few times, but during those few times, the weight started melting off. Now I'm back in the game and working on it again. I went yesterday, and I am going again tomorrow. It really works for me and helps me loose weight much faster. And I feel so AWESOME after I am done! But man am I sore. Spinning bikes aren't made for girls like me, meaning, overweight girls with a ghetto booty. So my butt hurts from sitting on the seat, which is not wide, and not comfortable even with a gel padding added. Apparently that happens to everyone though, and it only takes a couple weeks to get over it.

*disclaimer* One thing to remember with spinning class, is that you shouldn't go more than a couple times a week-maybe 3. Right now I am doing two times, monday and wednesday, because it is such an intense and tiring workout.*

*Every time I write something for Works For Me Wednesday, I have trouble coming up with a topic. And then I always have a light bulb moment after I have submitted my post, and wonder why I don't write them down. I'm going to try do that this week!*

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Crazy Lady Cheryl said...

Wow - great tip! My husband is a certified spin instructor and loves it. I'm ... well ... not so fit.

Audra Krell said...

I'm the same way you are. I've been doing all the things you listed at the gym for MONTHS and have lost two pounds on a good day. In fact I have been doing it for precisely 12 weeks. I feel encouraged by your results with spinning, I'll have to try it for sure. Keep on going, it's got to feel great to have it melting off!