Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pieces Of You

Today my husband went back on the road. He was home for a week and will be back around Christmas sometime. We're hoping for Christmas eve, which is what normally happens. We might see if he can't come home for a day or two in November, but no promises.

I miss him more than anything when he leaves, but I can't dwell on it too much otherwise I am miserable. I have to get back into a routine, back to normal. When he is home, we're on a vacation almost. We don't have to worry about him going to work, or schedules except for school for the kids. The kids have early release all week because of parent teacher conferences (we did ours yesterday), so since daddy is gone, I've been trying to think of fun stuff for us to do. Today I picked up a huge box of Play-doh and they're all at the kitchen table enjoying themselves. Yes, my almost 8 year olds still like play-doh. Tomorrow we're going for flu shots...eek! But Thursday or Friday, I think we're going to head back to the pumpkin farm so the kids can get a better look since we didn't get much of a chance on Sunday. And of course, we have Friday family movie night-and we'll be watching the new Indiana Jones movie.

Anyway, my post is titled "pieces of you". I used that title because I like to leave pieces of my husbands "life" around the house when he leaves. Almost to recognized that this is still his home, and though he may be gone, he still belongs here. I like seeing things of his laying around too though. Like right now, his slippers are still on the living room floor where he left them. He has an almost empty can of shaving cream in the bathroom that I like to leave there. Or an empty can of chewing tobacco that is on the dash of my van and rolls around as I drive. And sometimes, for a few nights or so, I sleep with his pillow too.

Does it seem silly and rather childish? Perhaps to some, but it helps remind me of him and I think it is nice for the kids to see bits and pieces of daddy around the house.

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