Friday, October 24, 2008

Long Day

Today seemed to drag on forever! We were out the door at 8:45 to drop off my hubby's stuff that he needed, and for him to give me his laundry (joy of joys! lol), and then off to get the kids' pictures taken. That took forever, we weren't out of JCP till noon. Then came lunch, then a half hour drive to the Pediatrician for flu shots, then off to WalMart for a few things, then another half hour drive home. Now I'm doing the man's laundry.

I don't really mind doing his laundry, and I have to admit, I actually held one of the t-shirts up to my face and inhaled. I miss his smell, so it was nice to "smell" him again, it was very comforting. That sounds awful doesn't it? I have trouble conveying what I am trying to say sometimes. We'll see him again tonight or tomorrow morning for me to drop off his laundry, and then it looks like we're back to waiting for Christmas for him to come home...


Ok, so I dropped off his laundry tonight. The kids were excited to see Daddy again, even if only for a few minutes. Normally we don't like to do this, and he tries to stay out of state as much as possible and not come by the house. But he was like 15 minutes away, so we arranged for me to do his laundry and bring him some stuff he had ordered, plus his ballot.
We contemplated an over nighter and his coming home for dinner, but he had to get up too early, so it wouldn't have been worth it. I miss him, but at least I got some kisses in! I love kissing him, he's the best ever. Though, I haven't kissed another man in over 9 years, so my memory is a little hard pressed to remember, lol. No, he really is the best kisser.

sorry for the mushy crap, but I'm a little sentimental tonight.

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awwwww not mushy at all. very romantic!