Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pass On A Little Wisdom

As a mom of four, three of which are in school, I am very busy and the kids and I don't get a lot of time to sit down and talk. It usually happens at the dinner table, but by then the kids have had their fill of school and don't really want to talk about their day. "How was your day?" and all they answer is "fine". It's so hard to get anything out of them, kids just don't want to share.

Here is where Wisdom comes in; Give your kids some life lessons with a little help from Life Learning They have developed a "button" that you can place anywhere, but they recommend the kitchen table at dinner time, that speaks words of wisdom. You will get one statement per day, 365 days a year. Sounds a little confusing? This is what it looks like:

It provides an avenue for discussion that is something other than "how was your day", "who did you play with" et cetera. That is pretty much what the kids and I talk about at the dinner table. But how cool would it be to have this? A couple examples of the quotes it provides are as follows:

Some of us have great runways already built for us. If you have one, take off! But if you don't have one, realize it is your responsibility to grab a shovel and build one for yourself and for those who will follow after you. - Amelia Earhart

The work you do shows people the true you … so if you have to do something…whether it be cutting the grass, sweeping the streets or running a company do it to the best of your ability. For there will always be someone that will look at your work and say “Who did this?" You need to always feel that you can raise your hand with pride and say “I did!".

The website does caution that is not a toy, it was developed to improve communication between you and your children. They say "This is an educational device to aid in building and enhancing ethics, morals, motivations and dreams.". It is a little pricey, starting at $29.95, but well worth it, in my opinion. Help your children develop a strong self worth, teach them to love themselves and others. You can show them how to deal with rejection, adapt to change and be responsible for their actions, along with many, many other life lessons.

I think every parent could use a little help in this matter, I don't deny it myself.
Personally, I think this is a great tool, and would be an asset to any household with or without children. Adults could use a little help with this too, don't you think?

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