Thursday, October 30, 2008

What A Relief!!!

Lately, our Ford Windstar has been making a clicking noise when I press the brakes. Not always, just occasionally. Yesterday it was pretty bad, so I took it into MIDAS after I was done at the gym. Well, they tightened something or other (I'm so NOT a car/van person, lol) and all was good, but wanted me to get the transmission checked out because they thought that that was what was causing the noise. (I had to read that sentence to myself a few times to get it right, too many that's and whats and was'). So after lunch I traipse over to AAMCO and they keep me waiting for TWO hours. I was there for an hour before they finally got the van in the bay, and I had to leave an hour after that. They couldn't find anything wrong either, but pushed me to get a computer diagnostics test done because they thought it might be Electrical. Oh, and I was low a quart of Transmission fluid because something was making it leak. Oh, and my brakes were bare and urgently needed to be replaced.

Something just didn't seem right to me, and I was also tired of their pushiness, so I called one more shop in our area that came recommended by Midas, and went there this morning. Here's what they found:


Nothing is wrong with my van that they can see. The brakes don't make noise, so it looks like Midas fixed it. And it definitely didn't need tranny fluid, because it was full!!! And there were no leaks anywhere on the van. They want me to keep an eye on it just in case the noise comes back, but it looks like we're safe for now.
And the brakes have plenty of life left on them, despite what AAMCO might say. Midas checked them for me and they'll last at least till the spring.

WTF! I am so appal ed with AAMCO, trying to take advantage of me. They wanted me to pay $138 for a Computer Diagnostics test and *hopefully* save my transmission. ugh. I only spent $26.00 and had my van checked out by a reputable shop.

I won't ever go back to AAMCO, EVER. What a disgusting company. And dirty too! Their floor was so dirty I had to wash my daughter's stuffed pig when we got home because it got black marks all over it. And that was in the waiting room, not the shop.

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