Saturday, October 18, 2008

Christmas Gifts

Slowly but surely, I have been getting my shopping done. I have one or two gifts for each child so far, but all little things. Last night I made my first big purchase!!

I was on a message board I frequent, and someone mentioned that Kohls had this on sale:

This toy retails for around $100 US, and Kohls had it on sale for $43.99!! I wasn't able to get free shipping, but with tax and all, it came to $54.91 shipped! It does say it is no longer available online anymore, I know that those things go FAST, so hopefully I will still get my order. I know last year some people's orders were cancelled because the Smart Cycle was out of stock.

I bought it for our 2.5 year old. She's a bit little for it yet, but at least she can practice her pedaling and then I am sure by her birthday in march, when she turns 3, she will be more interested. I think that means I am just about done for her! I've bought her a few wooden puzzles, a Disney princess talking mirror, and a Pucci Pup (it is the one pictured, but it comes in a plush carrier bag that is pink with pink hearts on it). I still plan to get her some plastic food, some play dishes (she saw a cute stainless steel set at TRU that she likes) and a doctor kit, and then I'll be done. It get's a bit tiring buying these things for her, because we've done it so many times with the older girls, but we didn't keep any of those toys for her, so we have to re-purchase them all. She will get more gifts than the older kids this year because they are getting more expensive items. Our son is going to be getting a PS2 as his big gift, and I am thinking we're going to buy the girls a nice pair of earrings and a necklace or start a charm bracelet. They are so hard to buy for! They don't play with toys, they mostly like arts and crafts. Then each kid will get new Christmas PJs, some books, and we'll probably get a new Christmas DVD or something.

I love getting ready for Christmas!!!


Karis said...

Let me know if you see that Smart Cycle for sale for so cheap anywhere else....Rylan wants one so bad but not for $100.... :)

KrustyTheCat said...

Karis, keep an eye out at Kohls. They were back in stock earlier this morning!

Mama Bear said...

I love getting ready for Christmas too! It's probably my favorite holiday!!

Michelle said...

With lots of kids in our family every Christmas I try to be unique as possible with what I buy for them.

I think that buying for younger generations is a lot easier because there are so many inspiring websites out there these days such as I want one of those.

If you have young children gadgets and gizmos are the place to start and you can guarantee a happy smile come Christmas Day.