Monday, October 20, 2008

Why Is Everything So Expensive?

This is getting riduculous! School pictures came back this week and the package we need so we have enough pictures is $30 per child! So that right there costs me $90. Then let's not forget we also need to get pictures of the baby, so there is another $10 for a pkg at JC Penney (I don't like Wal Mart, Target is too expensive and I don't like sears either). $100 for freakin' pictures!

Then we have the kid's school pumpkin run, which we have to send in money for pledges. We're giving them each $10, so there goes another $30. And then our oldest wants to be in Choir, and we HAVE to order a shirt from them for $16.

The grand total is.... $146

Pisses me off!

So here is what I did: I said no to school pictures. Yes, I really did. There is NO reason why I should have to pay that much for photos. So I scheduled an appointment for all the kids to go to JC Penney on Friday morning (no school) and we're going to get a group shot. I don't want to pay sitting fees for everyone...and who freakin' charges $10 per person for a sitting fee? UGH! Anyway, I will purchase a portrait club card for $20 which gives me free sitting fees for 2 years and a bunch of other crap I will never use, and 2 free 8x10 photos, which I can use for the Grandparents. So that brings me to about $30 for photos including tax. Not too bad, but not as cheap as I was hoping.

I will still have to pay for the Choir shirt, and pledges and pictures, but it will be about half as much as I would have paid had I bought school pictures.

Now I'm off to go spend more money and go grocery fun!

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Denise said...

We skimped out on school pics this year too...they're wayyy to spendy and they usually aren't that good. I did cave and buy the smallest possible package for $12, but if I had gotten what I "need" for the family, it would've been almost $50. CRAZY!

I'd really just rather take a good pic on my camera and make copies!!!