Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Fat Smash Diet Update

My husband's accident totally derailed me in the diet department. I failed miserably, and I mean MISERABLY. I've still got two months till we leave for Canada, so today is the day I start eating healthier. I feel so wishy-washy with the diet lately. I really struggle with eating healthy, but I still need to eat better.

I'm not doing the fat smash diet right now. My hubby and I decided that we would just eat healthier.

The Harvard School of Public Health has come out with a new Healthy Eating Pyramid that we are both following.

I'd still like to lose between 20-30lbs before then, but if I can't do it, that's ok. I'd just like to lose some weight. Our gym membership is on hold now for the summer, so it's working out for me at home now. So I will also have to incorporate at-home exercise for the summer.

I wonder how this new way of eating will work for me? I'm a little scared because I know I won't get the quick weight loss at first like I did with Fat Smash, so I am slightly reserved about this new plan. Wary, maybe.

Here's to a new thinner me!

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