Sunday, May 10, 2009


I wrote yesterday's post a couple days ago after my husband left for work. In fact, I think I wrote it Thursday night and had it set to publish yesterday sometime.

Little did I know what a bad weekend we would have.

Friday night I was on the phone with my sister, when my husband called me at 11PM to tell me he had been in an accident. His truck rolled on a highway, two hours outside of Las Vegas, NV. Someone in a house near bye heard the accident, and rushed up there to see if everything was OK. He let my husband use his cell phone to call me and then call his work.

I didn't speak to my husband again till 5:30AM when someone else lent him a cell phone. You see, out in the desolate wasteland that is Nevada, there is almost no cell service for AT&T, which we have. I was worried sick because on the phone he sounded in shock, I didn't know if he was hurt, what the damage was to the truck etc etc. So between 11PM and 5:30AM, I only got 2.5 hours of sleep because I could not get to sleep till almost 3AM. I actually landed up calling the Nevada State Patrol around 2AM or so and they were able to give me the accident report. Thankfully my husband wasn't hurt too badly, except for some sore muscles and a nasty seat belt burn.

When he called me at 5:30AM Saturday morning, I was really groggy, so I don't remember much of the conversation. And then again, I was not able to get a hold of him till 1:30PM or so Saturday afternoon. I knew he was OK though, because he told me so.

I will spare you most of the details, because it would just take too long to write them all out. I will say however, I am lucky I was not widowed this weekend. My husband came very close to dying, as his truck stopped about 12FT from a very deep ravine. He was driving around a curve, the trailer couldn't handle it and flipped...the truck slid 200 FEET down the road. The windshield was found another 40 Yards further down the side of the road from the truck. He walked out of the space where the windshield was. He's been spending the last couple days in a hotel trying to recuperate. He is very sore, to say the least. His truck is totalled and the company is working on getting him a new one.

This weekend has been a blur for me. I've been so exhausted from worry, fear, name it! I was so scared after we first got off the phone on Friday night. I am so glad he is OK. My emotions have done a number on my body, I literally have no energy whatsoever. I'm so tired and all the caffeine I had today didn't even help perk me up one bit. I suppose it is also from the uncooperative kids I have right now (that's another post in itself!) and it's that time of the month, but those three things combined for a very tiring, and physically draining weekend. And you know, you can't help but wonder too, what would have happened had the truck gone over the edge. I couldn't help but think of that, which added to my stress. It's hard not to think of the most horrible things, but I am so glad he is safe right now.

Hug your husbands tight tonight and be thankful you have them! I don't know what I would have done had he been taken away from me. I am the luckiest woman in the world right now.


Karen said...

Oh my! How scary! I am so glad God was protecting him. I hope things get worked out with his truck, etc., ASAP and that he is feeling better. I know you are so thankful that he is OK.

Mama Bear said...

I am SO glad that he's ok. That's horrific!!! Someone was definitely watching over him. Very scary. Hope everything works out quickly and that he fully recuperates ASAP!!! *hugs*

Jessica - This Is Worthwhile said...

Oy! (((big hug))) to you. How awful. My husband just got back from a two week business trip around the world and I was constantly worried about him and I never got a late night phone call verifying my worries that he'd get hurt!

Hang in there. Nap, nap, nap whenever you can. Burn up the VCR if you have to!

(Sending really good vibes your way...)