Saturday, May 16, 2009

Beautiful Day

Today the weather is perfect: Mid 70's and blue skies! I have the kids outside wasting time before we head to the school carnival this evening. I can smell someones fire outside as it comes in through the window with the breeze. The neighbor is mowing his grass and I can smell that too. I love the smell of fires and freshly cut grass.

The kids are making their own bug "habitat" in a clear sterilite box, and filling it with grass, sticks and an bugs they find. I love sending them outside on days like this because it gets them out of my hair for the most part, and gets them outside. Though my son is complaining because "its hot out here", and he wants to go play on the Wii. I think we'll be having trouble with him this summer, with me constantly saying "Outside", over and over again.

This weekend is only a hint of what summer will be like for us. Summer vacation starts in one month, the kids' last day is June 18th. Then they go back to school after Labor Day in September.

Well, it is time again to deal with an 8 year old boy who wants to come inside...

Until later!

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