Monday, April 27, 2009

Hello Hello

I thought I would take a break from spending time with my dear husband, and post on my blog. I didn't realize that I hadn't posted since Thursday. Ooops!

If you've been following my twitter updates on the side of the page, you'll see that I strayed from my diet. I knew I was going to, but I didn't anticipate such a vile reaction from my body. After 12 days of eating nothing but healthy fruits, veggies and other healthy foods, my body did not take well to Pizza. So, it's back on the diet for me. I'm actually afraid to eat anything greasy for fear I will get sick all over again, lol. I'm glad my husband bought extra Alka Seltzer today.

It's been nice having my husband home again. He has only been home for a day, but we got to run some errands today, and get prepared somewhat for our trip to the Woodland Park Zoo on Friday. We had to buy a cooler, because Zoo food is way too expensive, and we are taking a picnic with us.

I think Thursday is the day we are clearing out our storage unit. We're going to save the money we spend on it each month and either put it into savings, or put our youngest daughter in preschool in the fall. We aren't too sure yet, so I guess it depends on our feelings about the school (we're going for a tour May 5th).

I was so excited today when we got home, because pasted on the door was a delivery notice from DHL. At first I couldn't figure out what the heck was being delivered, because the only other package we were expecting was my husbands new fridge for his truck. We checked the tracking information, and it was my CANADIAN PASSPORT!!!! OMG!!!! I sent it off on April 14th!!!! I was able to call the office in Seattle, and they will be re-delivering it tomorrow. This means all systems go for our trip to BC this summer to visit my mom!! Now I'm all set for 5 years, though if all goes as planned, I should have my US Citizenship sometime late 2010, and I won't have need for the Canadian one anymore. But for the time being, it is nice to have.

Well, it's almost dinner time and I need to go feed the kids the left over pizza I am too scared to eat. Our eyes were bigger than our stomachs yesterday, so we have tons of food leftover.

Until later...

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Mama Bear said...

Oh nooo! That SUCKS!! I remember too, when Papa Bear and I would have a few frites or something 'junky'...we'd end up in the bathroom all night too. Ugh.