Thursday, April 02, 2009

Just A Friendly PSA

Don't Forget To Take Your Allergy Meds!!!!

Lately I have been feeling "off". I wasn't quite sure what was wrong with me, but it was beginning to scare me. I felt like something was wrong with my heart and lungs. The symptoms are so hard to explain, but it felt like my heart was skipping a beat, and my lungs weren't working well. I couldn't breathe deep enough, and when I did, it hurt.

Today I explained my symptoms to my husband because I was scared. I didn't want anything to be wrong with me. Lets just say that I need to take my claritin daily. I can not miss it at all. I had to take it last year due to some BAD allergies, but didn't bother this year because I felt like it was just for my nasal allergies and those haven't been bothering me. Yet.

I was really really wrong though. My allergies have been making my lungs inflamed and probably really congested with mucus, which is why I felt a "thumping" in my was probably all that mucus moving around in there or a bubble of air or something. Either way, it was not a comfortable feeling.

I took the claritin this afternoon a few hours ago and I already feel a lot better. Not 100%, but a lot better.

Always take your allergy meds. Goodness knows what would have happened if I had continued to ignore it, I probably would have landed up in the hospital. We're going to look into having our air vents/ducts cleaned, because we feel that the dust accumulation is probably what is aggrivating my allergies. I never had it this bad before we moved here, and we have central air. I can't seem to get a handle on the dust in the house, so the dirty vents are most likely the culprit. We have a dog, and two cats, and I dust twice a week, but it still gets dusty. We rent, so who knows when they were last cleaned, since our landlord doesnt really pay attention to stuff like that.


Heliotrope Tree House said...

Oh, tell me about it! My allergies have been TERRIBLE this year. I'm taking xyzal (new and improved allergy tabled-prescription), advair inhalers, and nasonex. I know what you mean about taking them daily. Once I stop, I feel exactly like you explained. Very uncomfortable and scary, too!
Hope you feel better!

Mama Bear said...

Oh MAN. That sucks!! Glad you figured out what was wrong though.

Add duct cleaning to your spring cleaning list, I'm sure you'll notice a difference.

When there was still a gravel pit a block away from my folk's old house (remember?), my Mom had a heck of a time keeping on top of the dust, and she HATED that she couldn't hang dry her clothes most days.