Thursday, April 16, 2009

Does Preschool Have To Cost A Fortune?

I've been going to a local mom's group for a few years now. I started going there actually when I was pregnant with my youngest daughter, so it has been about 3.5 years now that I have attended. I really like getting together with the other moms, but I think I am ready for a change in our routine, and chances to get my daughter involved in other areas.

So Preschool has now become an option for us. My husband has been dead set against it because he thinks she only needs Pre-K, a year before she starts kindergarten. I, however, disagree. I am with her day in and day out, and she needs more interaction and stimulation than I can give her. I think I have him sold now though.

I've been calling local preschools in the area, and I am just astonished at the prices I have been quoted. One of the schools is just up the road from our house, literally a 1 minute drive with no traffic. I thought that would be perfect because it is so close, and the program is MWF from 9-12. Great breaks for her, and I can go to the gym during those times, run errands etc etc. The director quoted me a price of $100/WEEK!! Are you kidding me? Seriously? Since when we have $400 to pull out our butts to pay for preschool? I've already crossed that one off the list.

Our second option right now is a Co-Op Preschool about 5 minutes away. We have a tour set up for May 5th at 9AM. Now I am not sure exactly how I feel about a Co-Op, because generally, I don't like other people's kids. Yep, sorry, it's true! But I think if I only have to do it a few times a month, it isn't a big deal. This Co-Op says Parents must help 3 times a month, and you can go at the time your child is there. I think I can handle that, it is only for 2.5 hours.

The best is only $85 a month! Since we're getting rid of our Satellite, and our storage unit at the end of this month, we can definitely afford that. I hope it works out.

The days are Tuesday/Thursday from 9-11:30. I can still go to the gym those days if I wanted, if I wasn't helping in the class. I would be giving up my mom's group, but that is ok. I will miss my friends, but my daughter's needs are more important.

Back to my original question though, is why do preschools have to cost so much? Any ideas? When my middle daughter went to Pre-K, we only payed $75/month and she went MWF for 2-3 hours.

What do you pay for preschool?


Karis said...

We pay $500 a month for Jase...yikes....Monday - Friday 8-4:30.

KrustyTheCat said...

Karis, that's even more expensive than the one I was looking at! That was 3 days/week and 3 hours. You got a great deal!!! lucky duck ;o)

Danna said...

Chelsea is signed up for preschool for September and we will only be paying $45/month (but it's only 2 days a week) (I have no idea what that would be in US funds though!)

Jessica - This Is Worthwhile said...

My mom had me enrolled in a co-op preschool waaaay back in 78 or 79 and she says she LOVED it. I hope this one is half as cool!

Amanda V said...

We pay $125 for M-W-F 9-11:30. $100 a week is crazy!!!!!! Good luck finding a good one!