Monday, April 06, 2009

A Good Start To Spring Break

Spring break started off with wonderful, gorgeous sunny weather. It's been around 70 here for the last few days, so I have been able to tackle a few chores outside that needed doing.

Saturday I was able to get the mower started, and mowed the entire lawn. That was a bit of a chore because the grass was so long from the winter. It took me awhile to get the mower started because it was completely empty of gas, about 20 pumps to prime it! I also sent the boy outside to be a pooper scooper, haha. I love the smell of freshly cut grass, the back yard smelled wonderful.

Yesterday I sent all the kids outside and we organized the shed. Well, let me say, I organized the shed and the kids just gawked at whatever I pulled out. They also rode their bikes, enjoyed a Popsicle, and played with the dog and dug in the dirt for worms. There is nothing better for a kid than to dig in the dirt.

My husband and I have a goal to get rid of our storage unit at the end of this month. We pay $63 a month for it, and we can't even remember what is in it. I did have our Christmas items in there, but those have been put in our shed now. I filled bags, a couple big bins and a few boxes of stuff to send to goodwill. I'll drop that off once the kids are back in school next week. We also made the decision to get rid of our old table. I love the table, it was the first piece of furniture we bought for ourselves when we were first married, but we don't have the room to store it. We seriously need to downsize, and cut the clutter, so I decided it will also go to goodwill once my husband comes home in a few weeks. At least we have the memories, right? It has certainly served us well the last 9 years, and I will miss it.

So, once the goodwill stuff is gone, he and I are going to go through the storage unit and purge purge purge. Our goal is to be able to fit what we want to keep, in the rest of our shed. So that means we have to get rid of tons of books, old clothes, paperwork, and who knows what else we have in there. But at least that will be one more bill we can re-delegate to the savings account, right?

It feels good to get rid of clutter.


Mama Bear said...

It TOTALLY feels good to get rid of clutter!!

I'm totally looking forward to spring cleaning and decluttering. Really going to try hard not to accumulate any more from now on!!

Good for you guys on trying to get rid of the storage unit and being able to save that moolah!!! That's awesome!!

Liss said...

That certainly sounds like you acheived a lot! Well done. Sad about your table though - maybe you need to a goodbye post with lots of pics of the celebrations you've had around it?! :)

RootsAndWingsCo said...

De-cluttering sure "frees" you up, doesn't it!

Thanks for stopping by our blog. You asked about my chocolate covd marshmallows. I answered on my blog in the comments of that post. But I'll answer quickly here too. I poured the mixture into the egg molds and not into a pan. Do use a greased spoon! Good luck. I'll be making these again tomorrow for my family's Easter Baskets (or actually probably for the table setting since they know that I make these)!