Monday, April 20, 2009

Grocery Budget Update

I am so sorry, I completely forgot to update my Grocery Budget post for this month! Oops!

I've been tracking my grocery purchases for the last couple months, seeing what the kids and I have been eating, and trying to see if we can cut back at all. You can read last month's post here. Last month, from mid February to mid March, I spent about $750.00. We had a few birthdays to buy for, my husband was home, and we had other company come and visit. So our grocery spending was a LOT!

From mid March to mid April, I spent the same. Yikes! I really thought that we could cut out a lot of stuff. I've been buying healthier food, lots more produce and fruit now that it is getting warmer. I did include one Domino's Pizza delivery for $17.49 which was weeks ago. There was no other eating out.

My husband and I have come to the realization that we can't cut back anymore. Things here are so expensive! WA state just costs a fortune for everything. We have 4 kids who eat a lot, and one dog and two cats to provide for as well. We go through loads of produce, milk, and bread. I've cut it down as much as I can, and we use left overs as much as possible.

That being said, I won't be doing the grocery budget tracking anymore. I feel like it is kind of pointless to track what I am spending if it lands up being the same each month.

In other news, I am doing great on the Fat Smash Diet! I had a rough day on Saturday. My blood sugar was really low, and I had a headache almost all day. We figured out that I needed electrolytes, so I ran out to Target and got myself some Powerade ZERO. It has helped a ton! I also started taking a multi vitamin, and that has also helped a lot. I feel 100% better now that I have added those two things back into my diet.

I have had a few week moments where I just want to go out and pig out on Peanut M&Ms and Pizza, but then I realize I'll just screw myself up. I can have subway on Thursday, and when my husband comes home in a week, I can indulge just a little (I will be taking care to stay true to phase 2 as much as possible though).

I'm on day 7 now and I have finally noticed a change in my body. My belly has gone down/shrunk somewhat, and I have lost 9 pounds!!!! Only 21 more to go till July 16th! I'm very proud of myself!


Dee-Zigns Handcrafted Jewelry said...

Don't know anything about that diet, but be careful! Its not worth it if you don't take care of yourself. Okay, on another note! Congrats on the 9 lbs. Good for you, I'd love to lose 9 or so, or so pounds, he he.
Are you a member of Sam's or Costco? With you buying more veggies and fruit, you'll definitely save money buying them there. I only have 2 kids and a husband and find it beneficial to buy from the wholesale clubs. I've been trying to cut down on the grocery spending as well.

Mama Bear said...

JOANNA!!!!!!!!!!! 9 POUNDS!!!!!!!!

That's freaking amazing. Congratulations!!!

Can't wait to see you in July and we can show off our newly svelte bods! :-D

KrustyTheCat said...

Thanks larina, but I wouldnt' call it a svelte bod, lol. I've got a lot of weight to lose, a LOT more than 30lbs. I'm down 10 today.

Thanks though, I appreciate it!

Dee-Zigns...the first phase of the diet is a detox phase, hence the loss of 10lbs in a week for me. You should go down a few posts and see what I wrote about the diet. It's a great diet!

Jessica - This Is Worthwhile said...

Wow - this is awesome! I found my blog twin in this post! hahaha.

Girl, I so feel you!!!