Wednesday, March 18, 2009

One Month Is Up...The Grocery Budget Summary

A couple weeks ago, I talked about my February Shopping Summary, and mentioned that I was keeping track of all my grocery purchases from February 17th to March 17th.

It was painfully eye opening, to be completely honest. We had no idea we spent that much on food. We had an idea for sure, but to see it all spread out in front of us was shocking. But we have to eat right?

A couple things I noticed were that I buy too much junk food for myself (I'm in the process of remedying that now though), I buy too many extras that I don't plan for (things I need, but forgot to put on my list, but I am also working on fixing that too), and we need to cut back on our meat consumption. I need some good vegetarian meals, and also need to give the kids smaller portions of meat.

The grand total for the whole month was:


Now keep in mind, that that does include all household products like pet food, cat litter, cleaning supplies, toiletries et cetera. We spend an average of $45/month on our dog (he goes through a 50lb bag once a month, plus a big box of biscuits, which he gets 1-2 of a day), and the cats we probably spend about $50. They need cat litter, which is about $15-20 month, dry cat food about $10-15 (we buy a $22 20lb bag and it lasts about 1.5-2 months), and wet cat food about $10.

I go through a lot of cleaning supplies and general household items like trash bags, cleaning supplies, laundry detergent etc. And with 5 people, sometimes 6, living here full time, we go through a ton of soap, shampoo, toilet paper, toothpaste etc.

I always make sure the kids have plenty of fruit, and we always have staples in like Goldfish crackers, graham crackers, string cheese, and oatmeal. I don't buy off brands of certain products like peanut butter, toilet paper, ketchup and mustard, and toothpaste, and I use all dove products like body wash/soap/deodorant (the kids get cheaper stuff because they go through it faster and are wasteful).

Honestly though, I wish I could cut down the household/food bill. But I don't see how unless I just cut out my junk food consumption. I make food last by using left overs, and I buy a lot of off brands (except where I mentioned above). If I didn't count the pet supplies and the cleaning products/toiletries, our total would be about $550-600, and even less if I didn't eat so much junk food, so I really think that is ok. I really don't feed the kids unhealthy food though, it's just me. I have a problem of snacking too much at night after they go to bed. Food has become my best friend and I'm going to break up with him.

We spent a lot extra this past month though because my husband was home for a week, we had a birthday party to buy for, and my mom came to visit. I didn't include the two times we ate out as a family, plus the burger king trip we made the day my husband came home. eek. lol. Normally we don't eat out for dinner unless it is a special occasion, and I think my husband's last birthday ever (29! LOL) is a special occasion.

Before I ramble on too much, I'll end this for now. I *think* the next month should be a lot better. I don't have any birthday parties and no company coming. Plus I am eating healthier now.

Check back on April 19th for an update!


Anonymous said...

You are on the right track! I found that meal planning and visiting sites like hotcouponworld and moneysavingmom have helped me out a lot.

Mama Bear said...

Keeping track is the best way to curb spending!!

I don't think you guys spend an OBSCENE amount, for what, 5 people including 1 growing boy?

You spend a lot, but it's not gross overspending.

Can't wait to hear the next update!

KrustyTheCat said...

No, that was for 6, and 7 people at one point (when my mom was here for 3 days). I just went a couple days ago and spent only $229 on two weeks worth for 5 people. February/march was an exception b/c we had so many birthdays, B was home for a week, and I ran out of a lot of my cleaning products. I'm thinking I should spend less this next month.

What do you guys spend per month?

KrustyTheCat said...

and by should, I mean I probably will spend less due to B not being home and no company....not meaning that I'll make myself spend less.

Mama Bear said...

I BUDGET $400 (and that's groceries and all household needs) but we usually go over. *sigh*

KrustyTheCat said...

you do spend more than I do then, because Baby bear does not eat much, right? 400 a month is a lot for a family of two adults and a toddler, lol. Have you thought about cooking less fancy things, or giving things up like the daring bakers stuff? I'm sure that takes up a large portion of your budget. where is your money going? this last time I spent a bit extra b/c I bought the kids' easter candy, so that was about $25.

Anonymous said...

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Imee said...

Thanks for posting this... I think the recession has made us all learn lessons. Personally, junk food and all unnecessary goods are now off my grocery list too. Not just because of the recession but also for health purposes.