Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Ok, So Today Was Supposed To Start Well

So yesterday I spent the whole day running errands, doing laundry, mopping, dusting and general cleaning up to make the house perfect for my hubby. The kids went to bed, and I folded some more laundry, took a shower and shaved. Then I did my nails. I got to bed about 12:45...much too late, but that always happens when I do all this stuff.

I'm very tired and accustomed to waking up at 7/7:15 each morning, so I knew I wasn't going to get much sleep at all, but what's done is done. Imagine my irritability going way way up when a very loud, very obnoxious, 8 year old girl decides to wake herself up, and her sisters, at 6:15 and take up residence in the living room, right beside my bedroom. Where I have very thin walls.

Then my husband called me. He is supposed to be on his way home already because he had two quick drops/deliveries this morning. Or so we thought. A certain company, which shall not be named, decided to reject 6...yes 6, pallets of salad bowls. Now my husband has to go find a soup kitchen or something and give it to them. And he also has to go to his other stop and deliver their stuff. What was supposed to be a quick stop at this 2nd drop, will now turn into an ordeal because they now have to remove 6 additional pallets to access their 2 pallets.

So much for having a full day with my husband before the kids came home. Gah!

What do I do to pass the time till I have to go pick him up now? I have several options (keep in mind I am already showered):

Load & unload the dishwasher, and put away the dishes I had to wash by hand
Get dressed
Do my hair and makeup
Go shopping for meaningless things
Sit around and blog
Make my bed
Watch TV
Go to Goodwill

I think I like the 4th and last options the best! lol


Karen said...

Ugh. That's crazy about the salad bowls. Hope he is home soon (if he isn't already).

KrustyTheCat said...

Thanks Karen! He got home around noon...just a couple hours later than we thought! And the salad was brought to a food bank.