Monday, March 23, 2009

I'm Taking A Little Break

I've been contemplating a break from the Internet. I think it pulls me in too much sometimes, and I neglect other things around the house that need to be done.

Our last computer broke down in October 2006, and we did not purchase another till March 2008! I was so much more efficient during that time, I really was! I think I was happier too because I wasn't sitting around so much.

Now I realized I can't give it up entirely, I still need to check my email and do my Avon orders. I will also have my iPod touch available to use when need be, but I won't be using my PC really. And I need to have the computer on anyway because I have to be able to charge my iPod for when I work out. We have a busy week this week anyway, because the kids have half days all week, and tomorrow we have to head out of town for a Dr's appointment anyway.

Maybe by not using the Internet, I will be able to focus on my house more, I really feel my attention to the house is lacking. And badly at that! Kind of embarrassing to admit, but its true. I just don't get enough stuff done around here and that needs to change. Maybe if I improved my surroundings, I wouldn't feel so down in the dumps.

I will still update my Twitter feed (see the sidebar), so you can all keep tabs on me! Feel free to follow me if you want to get updates without having to check on here ;o)

Come visit me in a week! If you need to get a hold of me, feel free to comment on the blog; I always get those as emails.

Goodbye for now!!


Danna said...

I have thought about it every now and again but I have not been able to pull myself away from it. I think it's awesome that you are doing that. YOU need to do what YOU need to do! As hard as it may seem. I hope that you have good'll have to tell us all about it when you get back! Cheers, Danna

Aimee said...

Hey Joanna, I just found your blog. Way to go for taking a break from the internet. I totally understand how it can become a distraction from what really needs to be done - kids given attention, meals, house! I tried for awhile to just check twice a day. Morning and then not again till evening. I really should get back to that.

Hope you are doing well.


my blog is:
not that you can read it till next week, but just so you know.

Jessica - This Is Worthwhile said...

I've been having similar thoughts lately, too...
I'm trying to limit posting on my blog to once a day. Ideally, I'd like to write 2-3 posts two times a week and post date them so as to get my butt off the computer the rest of the days.

I read your follow up post. Good point at the end. I need to remind myself the same things.