Thursday, March 12, 2009

Financial Update

On Monday my husband and I went to the bank to *finally* open a savings account. We didn't put as much into it initially as we had wanted to, but still set up a monthly draft from our checking account to our savings account. It has been a goal of ours to finally have a savings account, so we are happy we were finally able to accomplish that goal.

With the new account we're also able to do 6 transfers online and unlimited in the branch. Our idea was to take the money that we saved from paying off our credit cards and our daughter's bedroom set, and put that into the account each month when the original bill was due. That helps keep me accountable at least, and it's like I am just paying another bill.

Today we came upon a bit of extra cash, unexpectedly. My husband is a truck driver and saves up all his change. He HATES to pay with change, so he just tosses it into a drawer he has in his truck. So before he came home, he transferred it all into a half gallon jug and filled it up 1/4 of the way. And at Wal Mart today, while buying groceries, we used Coin Star and cashed it in. We were able to get $150!!! There were over 1000 pennies in there alone! And best of all, the money went straight into our savings account, on top of what we had put in there today when we opened it.



Mama Bear said...

Awesome on the savings account!!!

AND - holy change batman!!! LOL That's a nice surprise!!

Tnomeralc Designs said...

It was a very good and nice idea. Every single pennies can now go to your new account. It can help us (your family of course) when the global crisis heats up.