Sunday, March 01, 2009

February Shopping Summary

Well, my grand total for the month of February was *drum roll please* $175.97.

That total DOES include the two t-shirts I bought for the Thing 1 and Thing 2 costumes, the other tights/t-neck my daughter needed for a performance, and does NOT include some returns I did from my online Old Navy order. So, if I take all those away, I am left with $138.93, which is not too bad! It is more than I like to spend, but also seeing that my husband ok'd the Old Navy order, then I say I did pretty well. If you want to take it even further than that, then my total would be just 86.99 if I took off the old navy order, and anything needed for school.

The jeans I bought for 4.99 were paid for with my pay pal money, which I had earned with blogging money. The tops I bought at the Gymboree outlet, I paid for with cash I had saved up in my wallet and that my hubby had given me.

All in all, I don't think I did too bad at all. I just realized I did forget to add a couple goodwill purchases to my tracker, namely yesterday's for the denim dress, and a value village trip for shorts for the boy. I didn't count those though in the total because they were needed items. Everything that was not necessarily needed RIGHT NOW was included in the 86.99.

Right now I am doing another one for groceries, just to see how much I am actually spending on food and toiletries/household items for ONE month. I am keeping all my receipts in an envelope and will tally on March 17th. As of today I have 17 more days to count. I am not trying to cut back on anything for the month, I just want to see where our money is going. This includes ALL grocery items, toiletries, pet food and supplies, cleaning items. I am pretty sure I am well over what I thought I was at, so if i am correct, I am going to try pare it down the following month (April 18-May 18).

I think I liked doing the spending tracker, and I'll be doing it for clothes again this month!


Just wanted to add that NONE of this was put on a credit card. I used my debit card or cash for each purchase!


Mama Bear said...

Good for you for tracking your spending - it's one of the first things any personal finance guru will tell you.

Then you know where you need to cut back and the triggers that lead to spending or the habits that you are in.

Looking forward to seeing results!!!

KrustyTheCat said...

Well honestly, I am not worried about the clothes spending at all. February was an unusual month, i don't really spend that much. I am just wondering where all our food money goes...we seem to spend a lot on groceries. That will be really interesting to see what I spent. After tracking for only two weeks I can already see I am kind of wasting money on little things.