Friday, February 27, 2009

Thing 1, Thing 2 and Pippi Longstocking

Have I really not blogged since Monday? We've had a busy week. Next will be even busier, as my hubby is coming home and we have a ton of stuff planned. Plus we have THREE family birthdays! My hubby's is March 6th, the baby's is March 7th as is my sister's.

Today the three older kids celebrated the end of reading month at school by having character day, they got to dress up. Since I have twins, I sent them as Thing 1 and Thing 2 from Dr Seuss' "Cat In The Hat".

It was really easy actually...

I purchased stick on felt letters and two sheets of white felt at JoAnn's. Total cost: $3.50. Then I went to Old Navy and purchased two plain red t-shirts for $5 each. Next came Party City, where I purchased blue wigs for $2.99 each. The total cost for both costume was only $20. I wanted to do all red, but do you know how hard it is to find red sweatpants when all the spring stuff is in stores? I figured tops were just as good.

Please excuse the white-out faces. My husband and I do not like to post pictures of our children online.

I traced a plate onto the felt, and cut out the circle, then adhered the stickers as shown. I actually sewed the felt onto the shirts, but only used 4 small stitches. This way, they can re-use the tops and they are easily taken apart. I was hoping to find wigs that stood up more, but these will do just fine.

Notice the height difference between them? Our son "M" is almost 5 ft tall! His twin sister is much shorter than him, lol. She obviously did not inherit the tall gene from my hubby and I, though she could surprise us later on. There is almost 1 ft difference in height between them.

Our middle daughter wanted to be Pippi Longstocking. This was actually very easy as well. All I had to purchase was orange hair spray and an old dress from goodwill. Total cost of her costume: $9 (dress at goodwill was $6!! expensive. ugh.). I measured where her knees were and cut it just above that. The blue shirt is her brother's, we already had the tights, socks and boots. Her freckles are my eye liner. And the wire for her hair I already had from making beaded Christmas ornaments.

For the patches, I took out a few things from our own goodwill donation bag and cut them up. I sewed each patch on with 4 small stitches as well. I think she wants to wear the dress again, so the patches are easily removed.

Her hair wasn't that hard at all actually. I bent a long piece of wire to the shape of her head, and slipped the ends through her pig tails. Essentially I had 3 pieces of wire in each pony tail so each group of hair that I braided was nice and stiff, each pig tail got one of those bent in half pieces. I cut off the longer ends with with nail clippers. The extra wire helps keep the braids really stiff.

Please excuse the crude model, lol. You can see the middle piece of wire, that is the end of the piece that was shaped to her head. I took a longer piece, bent it in half and twisted it around the center wire. Then I slipped the extra pieces in the pony tail. The elastic around the hair helped to anchor the twisted wire so it wouldn't fall through the pony tail.

Next came the hairspray...self explanatory!

I loved all the costumes! I had a lot of fun making them, and I love being crafty, so that made this even more fun.


Anonymous said...

..and how often do YOU get asked if your boy/girl twins are IDENTICAL by someone who clearly got an "F" in biology?????

KrustyTheCat said...

quite often, actually. I think it's silly that someone would think a boy and a girl can be identical! LOL They are fraternal twins. Identical would be the same sex.