Sunday, February 15, 2009

From The Depths Of My Freezer

I don't know what to do with it all! I found all this stuff and didn't even know I had half of it, or I have conveniently forgotten about it because I am too lazy to do something with it. So I need ideas on what to do with it all!!

*I have found 12 ears of mini corn-on-the-cob, which I will cook with dinner tomorrow night.

*A HUGE 10lb bag of chicken quarters that I forgot to separate and are now frozen in one large chunk. I think we might wait till it is warmer and then BBQ them all. *BBQ it will be*

*A half gallon of strawberry ice cream, never opened. *We'll eat this*

*1 frozen Capri Sun, WITHOUT a straw *had a hole, so threw it away*

*2 gallon bags, filled with strawberries that I hulled and chopped up last summer. They were frozen flat. Also found a small freezer bag with frozen strawberries as well. Maybe make some more jam? we just ran out today. I'm not feeling it right now though. *Keeping these for smoothies. I love my smoothie maker and don't use it enough*

*Two packages of hash brown pkg had 3, one had 2. (Threw these out b/c of freezer burn and they looked nasty)

*Frozen french fries from long ago... I remember buying them last summer!!! *probably make these this friday with hot dogs or something*

*Various full bags of vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower and brussel sprouts etc. *This will help keep my grocery budget down b/c I now have enough veggies for a week*

*A large assortment of frozen popsicles, fudgesicles and creamsicles. *desert for kids each night*

*1/3 gallon Orange sherbet. Notice a trend? we're not big ice cream eaters here. (also purposely melted this b/c it had freezer burn)

*A few bags of various chicken cuts...tenders, and drumsticks that I thought I had used up. I have a few left in each bag. (I actually threw away the drumsticks b/c they had freezer burn). So now I have 3 large boneless skinless chicken tenders. *I will use these when I make "un-fried" chicken sometime in the next couple weeks*

*A half gallon of pulled bbq pork. *keep this for lunch one day when my hubby comes home again*

*3 hamburger patties *These were really gross, I didn't like them, but my hubby did, so he can eat them for lunch when he is home again*

*1 bag of semi sweet chocolate chips *maybe I'll make a batch of cookies this week*

*1/2 bag of butterscotch chips *bought for fudge, gross. Probably throw them away*

*Coffee, 2 small sample bags *sealed, so I will keep them. We rarely drink coffee though*

*Walnuts and almond slivers *These are expensive, so I will keep them for future baking endeavours*

*2lbs of ground beef *will be making my lasagna rolls with this*

I have a few other things in there, but I just put them in recently, like the ham I cut up today, and some ham bones, orange juice concentrate, some ice cream we will eat, as well as some spaghetti sauce my husband made while he was home.

What should I do with it all? I'm trying to clear out freezer space because I have do do a LARGE shopping trip on Tuesday, and need room for all the food.


SimpleMommy said...

I'd love to help you....but I've got my own scary issues in the freezer. :)

Mama Bear said...

Holy crap! LOL

I like your 10lb bag chicken quarters idea - that will be a great BBQ and leftovers, too!

The ice cream should still be good, right...?

Chop the top off the Capri Sun and feed it to one of the kids.

I second the jam idea for the strawbs. I found a recipe for crock pot strawberry jam that sounds SUPER easy considering you did all the hard work last summer!

If the french fries are still good, make chili cheese fries for dinner one night - totally easy supper. Or, dice them up and call them hashbrowns. :)

The veggies...hmm...stir fries, soups, etc or just add them as a side dish to whatever you are making for dinner for the next little while.

Toss the popsicles, fudgesicles and creamsicles. ;)

You could do some sort of chicken and broccoli (use the broccoli!) and cheese casserole with the chicken tenders.

Yum pulled pork - get some nice soft buns and make pulled pork sandwiches for dinner!

Save the hamburgalar patties for yourself for a quick lunch (do them in a frying pan)?

Um, the chocolate and butterscotch chips are easily used. Cookies!! LOL Use the walnuts and almond slivers too - just google chocolate chip almond cookie recipe or something like that.

Save the coffee for guests or whatever, as long as it hasn't been opened, it should still be good!

Ground beef = supper. LOL

Whoa long comment but hey, you asked for it! :)

Let us know what you decide to do!

Writer said...

That sounds like my chest freezer. My upright freezer is nicely full of elk meat all organized.