Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Here's The Deal

On a message board I frequent for Gymboree lovers, there is a post floating around about not buying much, if anything at all during the month of February. January was a gluttonous month with Gymbuck Redemption, Red Balloon Sale and the Fire Sale. Granted, I did get good deals, but I spent far more money than I needed to.

My goal for the month of February is to buy little or no clothes at all for the kids, unless it is absolutely needed. Like my daughter suddenly needing new pants overnight- yeah, that actually happened in January. Fun! If it is such an awesome deal that I can't pass it up, like I did last week and got brand new $43 raincoats for only $1.99, then I am free to purchase them as long as we have the extra money.

We will be needing to supplement with some short sleeve options soon, but we have a couple months for that still. And when that happens, I will purchase as needed.

I added a "list" to the sidebar, so check it out each day and make sure I don't go shopping!

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Mama Bear said...

Great deal on the raincoats!!!!