Friday, February 20, 2009

Tiny Financial Update....UPDATED

I just wanted to share how happy I am that our two credit cards are PAID OFF!!!!! I did that this morning. And I am headed out after lunch to pay off my youngest daughter's bedroom set.

With all three of these bills paid off, we're going to be able to save around $200 extra per month.

We are now debt free except for our Van payment!!! I don't see us coming up with 10K anytime soon to pay it off, lol, so we'll be keeping that payment for awhile. That's ok though, because the longer you keep your credit open, and paid on time, the better your credit score. I am so proud to say that in one year we have raised our FICO score 124 points!!!! And after the credit card payments post, it will go up even higher.


Thank You Tax Refund!!!!

It feels great!

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Mama Bear said...

Congrats!!!!! That's AWESOME!