Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Just Shoot Me, I blew It

All my well laid plans to not shop so much have gone right out the window! And I should say that 4 kids cost a lot to clothe! I normally don't spend that much each month, but with ON's sale, I couldn't pass it up.

Old Navy has a really good 40% off, and having gone through my kids' summer clothes and realizing how little they had, I was given the OK from my hubby to go buy some stuff. I purchased our middle daughter two pairs of shorts, and one pair of bermuda shorts. The oldest got 3 tops, and the boy got 3 tops. My total came to $75 and I got FREE shipping! It's all for the summer. My daughter's shirts were only 3.90 each, my son's shirts $6 and the shorts were the most expensive, they were $12 each. I also went to Value Village, and was able to find my son 3 pairs of shorts for only $12!!!

I'm just lucky we have the funds to do so. I am insistent on having the kids well dressed, so I was quite happy with my purchases for what I paid for them. Especially since one of the pairs of shorts I bought my son was ABERCROMBIE, for only $4.99.

Go ahead and laugh if you want, because I know some people think I'm crazy for buying when and what I do, lol. I don't care though. I pride myself on finding good deals and I am happy with what I bought. Plus, I used cash and all the bills were paid for the month as of the 15th. Yaay!!! I love finding a good bargain!


Loan Modifications said...

and why do you think we will laugh at you? NOPE cause I'm also a shopping addict..

KrustyTheCat said...

If only I liked to shop for myself this much! LOL