Thursday, February 05, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

*** HE'S HOME***

Yet again, I procrastinated with timing my household duties and my husband coming home. He will be home in 24 hours and I still have to do the following today, before I go to bed:

Vacuum living room and front room and our bedroom
Catch up on laundry, fold and put away. Don't know if I'll be able to do this.
Dust living room and master bedroom
Sweep for cobwebs
Mop and sweep the kitchen floor
Paint my nails, lol. I do it for him because he likes it! toes are being left till the morning, fingers done!
Take my son to karate tonight We skipped tonight.
Put away all the winter wear in a less conspicuous place
Put away the Christmas decor stragglers

Now I still have time to do that tomorrow morning, but not a ton. I did get all the grocery shopping and errands done today, except I forgot two important things. Grr!!!

Well, I better get off my butt and do something!

Tomorrow I still have to make a big dinner, a special desert for him that I wanted to make, bake some cookies for the evil neighbors as a peace offering, stuff 12 goody bags, bake two cakes, pick up my husband from the Truck stop. Ugh! maybe I should make him do some of that, lol.



As you can see, today on the list is mostly menial stuff. Just little things here and there that I didn't get to do yesterday:

Drive the kids to school (normally they take the bus)
Clean out and tidy my van. It's looking like a bomb exploded in there.
I went and vacuumed it out too at the car wash!
Bake the twins' cakes (hubby will decorate)Working On It
Bake the neighbor something or just buy it I made brownies
Put away all the dishes from last night
Paint my toenails
Wash, fold, dry and put away as much laundry as I can
Clean my glass cookie tray and put away

I *think* that's it. I hope that's it!

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