Saturday, March 07, 2009

My Day

Brand new table and chairs from Ikea- $600
Cheescake Factory for lunch- $72
Budget rental van- $130
Putting out your back because of said van and no good shocks: Owww.

Yep, I put out my back today. After a wonderful day with my husband at Ikea, his birthday lunch at The Cheesecake Factory (oh my the food was delish!!!), and driving home on King Country roads in a cargo van that has shocks not made for the weight of just two people and a table and chairs, I put my back out.

Nope, I didn't do any heavy lifting. I only helped my husband carry the box with the table into the house, and that was really only about 65lbs of weight for me. It was the bumpy roads of King County, combined with the shocks of a big ass cargo van.

I'm in agony. But at least I have a nice new kitchen table and chairs that my husband so lovingly put together for us tonight, on his 29th Birthday! Oh yeah, Happy Birthday Sexy Man, I love you more than anything!!!

Look for a post soon containing the other details about my weekend, and the goodies I bought at Ikea!


Mama Bear said...

Lame about your back! I hope it feels better soon.

Yay for new table and chairs! Post pics!! :)

Also - looking forward to hearing more about your weekend and Ikea goodies!!!!! I *heart* Ikea.

WhisperingWriter said...

I'm sorry about your back. Ouch.

I LOVE The Cheesecake Factory. I always drool at all the cheesecake choices.