Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The Man Comes For A Visit

We've been having a wonderful spring break, so I haven't been blogging very much.
So sorry if you have missed me!

Yesterday we were blessed with a visit from my Husband. He was in town delivering, and we planned to meet for lunch and do a bit of shopping, as well as a couple errands I needed to do.

He called me around 11AM and had me pick up some groceries for him from Safeway, and then the kids and I headed over to Pilot (a truck stop in the area) to pick him up and head out for lunch. We went to our favorite Chinese buffet/restaurant. He loves it because he can eat all the sushi and wasabi he wants, and myself because I love fried rice and General Tsao's Chicken. The older kids love Chinese too, with the exception of the baby who eats only fruit, pudding and ice cream. Though yesterday she did eat ONE piece of Sweet & Sour chicken, so we were quite happy. And even more adventurous, was our middle daughter who ate Kalamari! Though she didn't know what it was until after she had eaten it. She was a bit disgusted about the fact that she ate squid, but said it was yummy.

After our delicious lunch, we took a quick trip over to the mall where I purchased some much needed short sleeve tops for our kids. I thought I was done summer shopping and I was wrong. I still need to get them more shorts! Value village here we come. I hope to do that tomorrow. For some reason, I will buy shorts there, but I can't bring myself to buy shirts. The shirts there are almost always stained, stretched out, and gross looking.

After our trip to the mall, my husband sat in the van with the kids while I went into the FedEx/Kinko's store to send my passport application to my lawyer/guarantor to sign. Getting a Canadian passport is a pain in the arse! While he was in the van with the kids, my husband told me they heard our youngest daughter saying something funny. He didn't know what it was, until she said it louder..."You Dumb Asshole" LOL. He actually has the audio file from a Gene Wilder movie, and it is Gene Wilder saying that over and over again. I guess he had been playing that in the van while I was inside. It was quite funny.

With that, our day with him ended and we drove back to the truck stop. He will be home again in a few weeks, and we're all looking forward to it.

Tomorrow I am taking the kid to Chuck E. Cheese's as a surprise. I found coupons for 20 free tokens per kids, so I will buy a few extra and we'll have fun for an hour or so. Friday we have a doctor's appointment for two of them, and that night we'll be going to an Easter Egg Hunt at the YMCA. Saturday we'll be staying home, and I have a few treats up my sleeve that I will be making with the kids. I'll be sure to blog about them, so keep an eye out on sunday!!

*Just wondering, have you met any kids who ask for raw green pepper? I was chopping some up for our salad tonight, and the kids ate a ton of it. I should have bought more!*

*Today is also my niece, Katelyn's, 1st Birthday!! We haven't gotten to meet her yet since she lives in Minnesota, but we hope to one day! Happy Birthday Katelyn! your cousins and aunt and uncle can't wait to meet the newest member of the family!!*


RootsAndWingsCo said...

Coat your spoon with Vegetable oil. I just put some on a paper towel and wipe the spoon/or spatula with it.

Thanks for asking about using my post and our images! We'd love to have you link them!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes for Katelyn. I'll have to send some pictures.