Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Should I Stay, Or Should I Go?

This is referring to my sponsored post, the one below this one. I did one tonight, but I am debating whether or not to continue with Pay Per Post. I did PPP last year for quite awhile, from April through October/November. I made a nice chunk of change, and was able to have some spending money. Now the amounts paid have been drastically reduced, from as low as $.50, with most ranging between $1 and $2. They used to be $5 and up. I had one post last year that I made almost $50 on!!! I got a lot of $20 ones too, but most of mine were between $5 and $10.

Now my dilemma is this: Do I "pimp" out my blog for posts again, or do I just post whenever I want, and not feel pressured to post like I did with PPP? Truthfully...I don't want to have to post multiple times a day to earn $3-6 per day, but I like having the money in my PayPal account. Granted, after a month, that really adds up, but, it is a lot of work. So, do I want to work that hard? not really! Am I being lazy? I'm very lucky to have a husband who makes enough money for me to stay home and have extra spending money, so I really don't have to do PPP, but I do like having the money and knowing I earned it myself.

I don't know, I think I'll have to sit on this one for awhile. What are your thoughts?


Michelle Hoad said...

tough one. Personally, if I didn't need the money, then I wouldn't do it. I blog because I love to and that would turn it into a chore. That's all I need, one more chore.

Review said...

Interesting. Thank you for sharing this.