Thursday, April 23, 2009

Fat Smash Diet, Week 2/Phase 2

I made it! I actually did the whole 9 days of the Detox Phase!!! Can you believe it? I thought I was going to diet at certain times. I had a few rough days that were absolute torture.

A couple things I realized are that:

1. Always take a multi-vitamin
2. PowerAde is your best friend. Electrolytes are good.
3. Going to bed hungry will not kill you. I go to bed hungry almost every night. Yep, it sucks, but the pay off is great! I don't usually eat after dinner anymore, but if I do, it's some fruit or carrot sticks.

So, onto Phase 2 now.

In Phase two, you get to add a lot more "fun" foods. New things allowed are as follows:

1. 3-4 oz of Meat or Seafood. You can break it up into two servings, but must skip a meal in between. Nothing fried, only baked/broiled etc.

2. Instead of 4 egg whites, you can now substitute one whole boiled egg and have only 3 egg whites.

3. Milk is increased to 2.5 cups

4. You may have 1oz of cheese

5. Cold, unsweetened cereal is allowed at 1.5 cups per day

6. You can now add some coffee/tea/diet soda in limited amounts. Only two cans of diet soda (I've cut that out completely though, it doesn't suit me well right now), 1 10oz cup of coffee, or 3 cups of tea per day. If you want, you can have 1 cup of freshly squeezed fruit juice.

Phase 2/Foundation lasts for two weeks, and after that comes Phase 3/Construction lasting for 4 weeks.

Honestly, I am a bit nervous to be on Phase 2. I've done so well on Detox that I am afraid the weight will come pouring back on one my husband is home. It's kind of hard to cook completely separate meals that are diet friendly and "normal" food, so I am going to modify them as much as I can. I will be eating "non-allowed" foods, but will do so in smaller portions. I can still do fine for breakfast and snacks, it is mostly dinner and lunch I am worried about. I'll also be incorporating a lot more salads to our meals. Regardless, I am going to go back onto Phase 1/Detox after he leaves anyway, just to jump start the weight loss again. Then I will ease back into Phase 2 after I lose any weight I gained while he was home. Hopefully that won't happen, but I will do my best to prevent it.

I am wondering though that if this lull in my diet will boost my metabolism? I know that it is good to vary your caloric intake so your metabolism has to work harder, so maybe that will work. I'm averaging between 1500 - 1800 per day right now, but on days when I work out, I can burn off at least 500 calories of that. So some days I actually only take in 1000! Yikes!

Today I am treating myself to Subway. I am really looking forward to it! I will update on twitter later to tell you all how delicious it was. And yes, I will be eating a healthy Sub. My usual probably, a 6" club on honey oat bread, with loads of veggies on it. Yummy!

I almost forgot...

Fat Smash Diet, Week 1 Detox Phase weight loss:

Yes, that's right...I lost 11 lbs in 9 days. Yaay Me!!!! I'm so proud of myself. Even my kids said I looked thinner!!!!!

(I have to say, I was hoping I would see 12lbs today, but that's ok. 11lbs is still good, right?)


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