Saturday, November 28, 2009

Worst Kid Event Ever

Today I met some friends, and we took our kids to the Christmas Tree Forest, which is put on by the hospital here in town.

Never again.

It was an awful, stressful afternoon.

The only good parts were seeing Jason and his family, and Polly and her daughter. I dressed all the kids in red as well because I suspected that Santa would be there and I wanted to get pictures of them with him. Thankfully those turned out, for the most part, but it was hot, crowded, and tiring. A had TWO melt downs, and managed to smudge her cute Santa face painting in the process.

The afternoon was capped off with junior booty dancers. Now, I'm not against dance classes, and I think they're great for kids. But the costumes? OMG they were way too sexy for little girls! Even the teens! I was not impressed at all. And let's not even get started on the dancing....yikes! Since when does hip gyrating and revealing clothing belong at a Christmas event where we're looking at Christmas trees? Wow PSP, you really outdid yourself this time!

We had had about enough at this point, the kids were cranky, it was really loud, and my back hurt from everything I was carrying around. We said our goodbyes to Jason and Lindsay, and then I took the kids into the lobby to try a few more pictures. That was just as bad! I took the photos as best as I could, but A would NOT look at the camera, so I had the boy hold her face still, but that didn't work at all. V looked bored in most of the pictures too. Having enough of that crap, I just decided to call it a day.

When I got home, I noticed that E and A both had smudged faces from their face paint. A's was from crying and rubbing her cheeks, but E looked like she had eaten dirt! Oh well, it will make for a nice photo collage on the Christmas card, and we'll laugh at it later, lol.

At least it was a nice distraction from reality, and kept us occupied for an afternoon. The last couple days have been full of activity, and I am thankful for that. I haven't had to do too much grieving lately, though Thanksgiving was pretty hard for me, especially since I didn't hear from any family either except from my sister and mom.

Now that Christmas is looming, I can't help but wonder how we are going to feel this holiday season. Will it be hard for us on Christmas, or will we be ok because we will have family there? Honestly, I'm not not as worried about Christmas as I am for our 10th Anniversary, which is four days later. I plan to have us out all day, doing something.

I just don't want to have to think about it.

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Kathy said...

What a strange event. Who knows what Christmas will feel be like. I'm wondering that myself. Yesterday, as I unpacked some decorations I burst out crying as I came upon a candle holder my mom had given me last Christmas - then I hugged it. Memories are both rich and painful. I'm glad you have family coming. Praying for you and your kids as you navigate day by day.