Monday, November 02, 2009

Ralph and Frances

Today I FINALLY got to go to Costco! Yaay! I've been waiting a long time to go.

There isn't really much to tell about my trip, to be completely honest. I stocked up on quite a few freezer items. I got pizza, orange chicken, broccoli, frozen chicken thighs, frozen boneless skinless chicken tenders, lots of bread, hash browns and a few other freezer items. Snacks were a plenty in my buggy, I tend to buy a lot of granola bars, crackers etc, because the school is pretty strict on what the kids are eat there (no nut products, nothing sugary or unhealthy. Basically fruit, veggies, crackers, granola bars, that type of thing). Also got some milk, cheese, sandwich meat, canned soup and veggies, rice crackers (YUMMY!!!), some baking supplies, vanilla,trash bags, zip lock freezer bags, the legendary Costco Muffins in Blueberry and Poppy Seed, LOTS of fruit, a rotisserie Chicken for dinner because I didn't feel like making my own, and other random stuff I forgot to write down here. I was in a hurry this morning and not able to make a list, so I winged it. I'm going to plan my menu this week, and go back on Friday when I have more time to shop and concentrate.

One of my favorite finds of the day was an accessory kit for the Wii. I found the boy two Star Wars Light Saber Wii controllers for Christmas. He's going to LOVE them! I'm actually almost done shopping for him. I am waiting on an Amazon order to come in, have one more lego set to get, and a Wii game at Target, and I'm done! I also bought Season 3 of Futurama because that's one of my favorite shows. I wanted to pick some of the other ones up, but the baby wanted that one, so that's the one we got.

You're probably wondering why I titled the post Ralph and Frances. Well, everyone knows Frances was the name given to my freezer, haha. Ralph is because the baby, well, ralphed all over herself and the floor in costco. It was gross. She then proceeded to do it in the van, and on the parking lot outside of the van. I think she just had an over abundance of Halloween candy, and it upset her stomach a bit. She's all better now though, which I am happy about because we have MOPS tomorrow. Thankfully no fever either!

I don't feel inspired to write tonight. The post felt almost forced to me. I just wasn't in a writing mood. Dealing with a busy morning, a puky pre-schooler, busy kids after school, I'm just exhausted. I am planning on writing a "Dear Barry" post this weekend or by the 10th, since it will be 4 weeks on saturday that he passed. Keep an eye out for that, I've already got a good idea in my mind, as to what I want to say.


Michelle said...

So happy for you and the chest freezer.Hope the youngest is feeling better...

Mimi said...

don't forget the stroopwafels!!