Monday, July 07, 2008

Renuzit Tri-Scents

Awhile back on Social Spark, I was given an invitation to try a new product called Renuzit TriScents. I was asked to give my shipping address, which I did, and was told I would receive a free sample. Today it came!! I was pleasantly surprised, as I had forgotten about it.

The sample was actually a full size product, and it came nicely wrapped too. Inside the box was crinkly blue paper to cushion it. You don't normally see that kind of detail, so that made me happy. I received the "Seaside Breezes" collection of scents in my package. That includes "Relaxing Waves", "Beach Breezes", and "Ocean Oasis". Now normally I am not an air freshener type of person, I don't really care for them, nor do I care for ocean type scents. But once again, I was very surprised and I actually do enjoy it quite a bit.

I decided to put the Renuzit TriScents in my living room because it was the closest outlet to where I opened my package. Where my desk is, is actually quite far away from the outlet, and I can still smell it clear across the room. It is not strong, smells very pleasant and distributes the fragrance nicely throughout the room. I am very happy with it! And nothing beats free stuff in the mail either.

Renuzit TriScents is a really innovative product. What it does is have three different scented oils, which I listed the names of above, and every forty-five minutes, the unit will switch scents. They say on their site that once you get used to a fragrance, you stop smelling it (this happens to me all the time with my perfume). That is why I really like this, because every forty-five minutes, you get a new fragrance in the air.

With my package, I also received some coupons to put towards any Renuzit products. One is for $2 off any one Renuzit TriScents Air Freshener Kit. If you visit their website, Renuzit TriScents, you can also print out some coupons for the Renuzit TriScents starter kit.


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Rina the Mama Bear said...

Free stuff is always appreciated, is it not? Good deal on the Renuzit!