Tuesday, July 08, 2008

And This Makes 203

Well, I had thought I would celebrate my blog having two hundred posts, but I forgot. 203 is just as good, right?

This blogging thing has eluded (spelling? is it an E or an A?) me off and on. Some days I can't shut up, some days I have nothing to say! I get writers block quite a bit I think. Maybe I don't think my life is very interesting? lol Since the man of the house is coming home in two days (possibly tomorrow night! does that mean I need to get out the weed whacker? lol), I will be pretty busy, but I will continue to post as much as possible. Monday I am pretty excited for, as we're going to visit Mt. St. Helen's. I'll be sure to try and post some pictures! And how can I forget to post about my exciting day on Saturday? I'm dying to go shopping and eat cheesecake! lol

Until later my dearest readers...

1 comment:

Rina the Mama Bear said...

Ok -

1. Weedwacker = hilarious.
2. Eluded is correct. Alluded is to hint at something.
4. Oh, and HAPPY 203!!!!!!!!