Saturday, July 05, 2008

I'll Be MIA Soon!!

Well, the time has come for my dearest to come home! I have not seen my hubby in about 10 weeks!!! Though frankly, the time has passed very quickly. This is our longest stretch each year, and it isn't really that bad, as we keep pretty busy around the house. We go to Karate lessons, Swimming lessons, the kids had school up until a couple weeks ago, etc etc.

He will be home on Thursday, and home for 8 whole days. I don't expect to be around that much, we are always busy. I will try to post on here at least once or twice though.

Friday the 11Th, he has an eye appointment, we have to buy our youngest daughter her first twin bed (Yaay!!!), he needs shoes, and we also have to purchase a new microwave since ours just shit the bed, and we're purchasing a freezer. Crazy day that day!!!

Saturday is the day I am going out with my friends. Just us three girls, no husbands, no kids, no responsibilities! Yaay! We're headed to an outlet mall to hit up the Gap, Gymboree and Children's Place outlet stores. Then we'll head to Ikea, which I am excited about the most since I haven't been to one since we lived in Germany. Then it is off to The Cheesecake Factory for dinner! We are all very excited to go.

No idea what we're doing on Sunday, but Monday I think we're headed to Mt. St. Helen's for a day trip. We do have other plans, but the first few days are always the busiest for us.

Now I get to spend the next few days getting the house super clean and prettying myself up, as he likes my nails red. ;o)

Till later!

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Rina the Mama Bear said...

Papa Bear loves my nails red too - or frenched, one of the two.

Yaay for him coming home!!!