Thursday, July 03, 2008

It Was A "Jam-Boree"

I am so lame, aren't I?

Anyway, the much awaited straberry jam post is here!!!

Today I bit the bullet and prepared, and made, and canned, my first ever batch of jam. I only did 8 small jars.

I never knew how labor intensive it was, it really is hard work!! But it all worked out, and now I am just waiting to see if my jars "pop". When they "pop", you know they sealed themselves.

Here are two pics during my sticky adventure

Truth be told, I am afraid it won't work for some reason. That is why I just started off with a small batch, so I wouldn't have too much work down the drain if that did in fact, happen.

Here is a pic of the finished product. You'll notice that the seeds etc, rose to the top. That is normal, and once the jam is opened, it can be stirred to get the right consistency and mix the contents together.

I now know that if I ever decide to pick berries again, I do NOT need 30lbs. I have a feeling I will be doing a lot of freezing, regardless. Oh well, right? I can just chalk it up to a lesson learned. And if they don't seal, then we can refridgerate it, and it should keep for a few weeks.

The sugar content in this jam is high!!! As I said above, I prepared 8 jars of jam. The recipe calls for 7, yes 7, full cups of white sugar. That is almost 1 whole cup of sugar per jar of jam. And each jar is only one cup. lol.

edited to add: I wrote this post yesterday afternoon while I was waiting to hear the jars "pop". As I was was writing, I heard the first jar pop! I was really excited and called my Mom and Oma to tell them! lol All of them sealed!!!

edited to add again: I made more jam last night, one more batch. It turned out great! Jam has to set for 24 hours, so the first batch will be ready this afternoon. We will enjoy it for breakfast tomorrow morning. I'll update then, and let you all know how it tastes.


Rina the Mama Bear said...

Yaay jam!


You are going to LOVE eating your own jam - I know I do!!!

Rina the Mama Bear said...

I am always anxious about the 'pop' when making pickles. I cross my fingers and am very quiet - until I start hearing 'pops' and then I get excited.

Stephanie said...

mmmm homemade strawberry jam! My mouth is watering!

Heather said...

My pal Margo and I made six gallons of strawberry jam earlier this year. We have five kids between us and go through some serious PB&Js.

RecycleCindy said...

Your homemade jam looks wonderful. I want to make some this year too. We are trying to avoid jams with high fructose corn syrup. It's getting harder and harder to find "real" sugar in jams. At least our bodies know what sugar is but with high fructose corn syrup, our bodies think it's a vegetable and doesn't burn it as a sugar. Your MIFS jam is so much better!

Julie Artz said...

We made strawberry jam this weekend too (!!! I've been making my own jam for the past three years now and trust me, once you've tasted it, you'll never be able to go back to Smuckers!!!

Now I just can't wait for peach season here in Colorado--peach jam is my favorite.

Happy canning!
:) Julie