Friday, July 04, 2008

Life As A Mom

I am not sure if many of you readers know, but I function every day as a single parent. Yes, a single mom of four young children. Three are in school (well, it is summer vacation now), and one is just a toddler. Their ages are 7.5, 7.5, almost 6 and 2.

But in reality, I am not a single mom. I do have a husband, whom I have been married to for almost 9 wonderful years. His job, however, takes him away from us for weeks at a time, so I always joke that he is my "sugar daddy".

Being a mom is such a hard job. I am always "on call", and almost never get time to myself. The only time I really get to myself, is when I am at the YMCA working out, and the kids are in childcare. It is an hour and a half of peace, quiet, and ME time. I do have an iPod I listen to, but I shamelessly say that music is much more peaceful compared to 4 loud, and screaming children. And I only get this "time out" 2-3 times per week.

I am not super-mom, though my friends Candace and Heather are quick to say that. I love them for that, even though I vehemently deny any truthfulness to their statements. Last night in fact, as they were chatting away online while I was getting my kid ready for bed, they mentioned they thought I was a super-mom. Candace said I should write a book, and the title was "how to take care of the kids and still manage your man the true tales of a bj giving wife". I had to laugh at that!

My husband is finally coming home in one week. We have not seen him since early May. Though we do talk on the phone daily, it still does not fill the void of him being gone. There are benefits to being by myself though; I get a king sized bed all to myself, I get to watch whatever I want on TV. lol. But I can't wait till he comes home next week! I miss him so much. I get hugs from the kids, but nothing compares to a hug and kiss from the love of your life.

After he comes home, next week saturday, my friends and I are going out for a day of shopping, and out to The Cheesecake Factory for dinner. All afternoon and day without kids, plus awesome food and shopping, is sounding like bliss right now!

I just don't like the term "super-mom" because I really feel I am not one. My house is still messy, I am feeding my kids hot dogs for dinner, there is laundry piled up, and my floor desperately needs mopping. But what is a mom to do? If I make jam all afternoon, can I be expected to prepare a huge dinner? I think not! lol
Perhaps I should make jam every day!!

disclaimer...this post was written wednesday afternoon while my jam was setting and the kids were outside before dinner.

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