Sunday, July 20, 2008

Hi Everybody!!

So the man is gone, and it time to update my blog again! I apologize for being so lax in my posting, but with my hubby home we were very busy!

Tomorrow I plan to get back into the swing of things, and I am starting it off by going on a DIET AND going back to the gym. I took some time off while my man was home. Also, tomorrow afternoon my 2 year olds bed is being delivered, so I have a lot of housework to do today. Mostly in the girls' room though, because its a pig sty.

I can't believe we're past mid july already. This year has just flown by, hasn't it? Summer vacation will be over in a month and a half, so in about a month or so, I have to wean my 3 older children off their summer schedule and ease back into the school schedule. I am looking forward to it! lol

Last week we signed up our son for swimming lessons so he could go with his sisters, so next week, starting the 29th, I will be at the YMCA from 4:30-6pm Tues and Thurs. I plan to use some of that time to work out too.

And even better, my man will be home in 5 weeks again at the end of august!!!

I still have Mt St Helen's photos to upload to here, so be patient...they're coming. I just have to add a watermark to them with my new snazzy Paint Shop Pro that I got for my b-day last week.

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