Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Make It From Scratch and Misc

Well, I'm a bit slow this week, I just now realized it was Tuesday and my post Banana Banana Bread was in this week's Make It From Scratch Carnival. Thanks to Katie @ Kitchen Stewardship for hosting it!

I've been finding that this year allows for little personal time. My kids have a LOT more homework, and as soon as they come home, my time is gone till after dinner, and often even later when they go to bed. This week between the three kids, we have 3 major projects due, plus 3 sheets for the 3d graders and 2 for the 2nd grader. *sigh* And during the day, I have housework to keep up with. There just aren't enough hours in the day sometimes.

I really need to learn how to manage my time better, because I find I am slowly sinking. At least in the morning I shower first thing, so I am always ready and prepared for the day. I dislike showering late, so this is a must for me. But everywhere else, I suck. I've been working on bows, clips, and hair korkers for the girls, so that takes up my evening time and I don't get much else done then.

Next week should be somewhat easier, my hubby is coming home on Tuesday! Know what else? I get to go to the dentist to get two teeth filled, and also get nagged about when I'm going to pony up 2 Grand to get all 4 of my Wisdom teeth pulled. Yes Dr, I know they need to be done, but until I find a magical beanstalk with a Goose that lays Golden eggs, I won't be doing it for some time.

Well, I hear the spawn starting to squabble again, so I must get off of here.

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