Friday, September 18, 2009

We Had A Great Day

Today was such a great day!

I started the morning off by going to a friend's house to drop off some clothes for her. Her and her husband are adopting 3 children from Panama, and needed some clothes for them to use at their foster home in Panama, so I gave her a big bag of girls stuff my youngest had outgrown. What made me so happy though, was how happy she was receiving them. I hope we get to meet the kids before we move!

Then the baby and I went out and ran some errands, and I was able to find myself some tops on sale that I needed. My summer stuff was getting a bit worn, and I often wear short sleeves throughout the year, so I was able to get 3 for fairly cheap. Yaay! After we were done our shopping, I came home and had a fantastic baked potato for lunch. Don't you love it when those turn out perfectly? It was divine! I made them for dinner two nights ago and the kids inhaled them. Guess I should make them more often.

And tonight, the kids and I were invited to someones house for a caramel apple play date. Recently I joined a local MeetUp Mom's group, and one of the mom's hosted tonight. We had a potluck, and then everyone made caramel apples. We had so much fun! I met a few new mom's, had a great dinner, got to talk to some adults and *hopefully* made some new friends. There were a lot of kids there, so everyone played well together. It was just a great evening with good people, food, and conversation. And on the plus side, the kids were so tuckered out from playing so hard for 3 hours, that they went to bed almost right after we got home. Yaay!

How did your weekend start?

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