Monday, September 14, 2009

Holiday Grand Plan, Week 2

Last week was just an extremely busy week, what with my husband going back to work, the kids starting school, our adventure to Northwest Trek. This past weekend I just needed to unwind. So here's to HGP Week 3 and the start of a new week!

Week 3 of the Holiday Grand Plan focuses on cleaning up your Foyer/Entry way. Christmas prep is making a batch of cookies for the freezer, an extra meal for the days you're super busy, etc etc.

Check out these links to get more detailed information on your Foyer cleaning and Christmas Prep.

I can't really do the Christmas prep this week as there is NO room in my dinky little freezer. As it gets closer to Christmas, I tend to pick up more supplies and make room in the freezer, but for now, it is much too early for me. The foyer and entry way will be really easy as we have such a small one. I am thinking I will re-do the porch along with this week as it needs a bit of sprucing up. My rose bush also needs to be pruned and some plants thrown away as they are dead, and well beyond hope of fixing.

In other news, those of you who are wondering where Domo is, rest assured, he is ok! It was a busy back-to-school week, so he needed to get his strength back. Domo should be back in full force soon. Keep an eye out for him, he's sneaky.

I also spent the weekend making some hair curlies and bows for my youngest daughter. I REALLY wanted to make an Owl one like Kate had on her blog, so I searched Etsy for the pattern. I couldn't find it, but I did find the seller who sells the Owl's wholesale, and just copied it free hand. I will do a post about those soon, I am really happy with how it came out, especially since I did it without a pattern.

Tomorrow is our first day back at MOPS. Though I am excited to see my friends again (I've been going to this group for almost 4 years now!!), I go with some reservations, so I am going to wait to pass judgement on this year till I've gone a few times. I'm just not sure it's for us anymore, so I have to see how it goes.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

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Sheila said...

Hi I followed your link from the GF site. I have enjoyed reading your blog.